Our Services

Leasing Services

We provide equipment leasing for a wide range of assets; solar facilities, LED lighting, fork trucks, phone systems, production equipment, software and furniture, among others. We are looking to work with clients who are looking for a long-term partnership and who have ongoing leasing requirements across a broad spectrum of assets. Walden understands the difference between fungible and critical assets. We create solutions from a dialogue. 

We traditionally work with public companies who have strong credit profiles.


Renewable Energy Financing

Our financing partners focus on projects in the solar, Combined Heat and Power, and energy efficiency verticals. These relationships aid Walden in providing guidance to host corporations seeking solar solutions. We understand the financial and construction variables necessary to allow a transaction to become financeable.

Our value proposition with the developer community originates from our deep relationships with tax equity sources. Our responsibility in these relationships is to vet transactions to ensure their financial viability prior to placement.


Vendor Financing for Startups

The biggest challenge for new product companies is creating sales velocity and product acceptance. For companies that have products that sell for more than $200,000, leasing is a way to attain that velocity. We will help develop a program that makes sense for all of the parties, while eliminating Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). Leasing can make a fundamental difference for startup companies.