When it comes to solar farm installations, things boil down very quickly to a simple math problem. The calculus focuses on the actual cost of the build, interconnection costs, permitting costs, labor and site preparation. All of these elements add up to a specific number. From that point the question is, “Who will invest in the project and at what rate to me as the client?”.

From the financing perspective, several direct questions must be answered:

1) What is the experience level of the installer?

2) Given the available federal Investment Tax Credits (ITC) as well as any other local incentives, what customer price of power will all of these numbers support?

3) What is the credit quality of the entity who is signing up for the obligation?

As one can readily see, it is indeed a math problem. And with these questions answered, the math will reveal the numbers at which the project can be built while providing an acceptable yield for investors.

We at Walden Asset Group are very experienced with the pricing and placement of solar transactions, and we have a multitude of sources at the ready to fund projects that meet these requirements. If your project is already in the contract stage with site control and interconnection agreements applied for, let’s discuss how we can help you.